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Department of Biomedicine


Welcome to the HSE pages for the Department of Biomedicine (IBM).

Here you will find the HSE-folder, the HSE-test and other important information such as phone numbers.

It is obligatory for everyone who works or studies at IBM to pass an HSE-test. Read the HSE-folder before taking the test.

The overall goal for HSE-work at the Department of Biomedicine is to develop and maintain a work environment that promotes health, satisfaction, motivation and safety for all employees and students.

A good work environment is important in order to provide research, education and dissemination of results on an academic level.

The work environment at IBM shall:

  • promote creativity, learning, employability, health and well-being.
  • be such that co-workers and students don't develop work-related illnesses or are involved in accidents.
  • include everyone, also co-workers and students that develop health issues or reduced workability.
  • be such that both leaders, employees and students are treated with mutual respect, shown compassion and given responsibility. No kind of abuse of power is to be tolerated

Systematic HSE includes regular:

  • surveying of the work environment
  • preparation of action plans
  • implementation of necessary measures
  • follow-up and evaluation


Important contact information

E-post (IBM)
Building operations (BBB) 555 86250
Security, Haukeland 55 97 20 04
FIRE 110